I'm a huge advocate of building a strong relationship between client and coach. It's vital for success. As a potential client, you need to ‘trust’ me and believe in what I stand for. It certainly helps if you like how I look and you resonate with what I say. The videos give you the chance to 'check me out' as well as providing key information that you can use straightaway.

BIG 50

All '0' years can be a little overwhelming but turning 50 definitely has its own challenges. We're no longer young but certainly not old either. Celebrities like Madonna look so great, that there is continuing pressure for us also to look that good.

What it means to be 50
The essential elements of Feel Fab at 50
How it affects YOU

Look Good,
Feel Good

There is a doctrine within the corporate industry called the Spiral of Success. It states that if you know you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you become more confident and people are attracted to you. So you can make more money or have more dates - both pretty great outcomes. So how do you achieve that?

Raising confidence in the way you look
What your image says about you
Style Preferences

Dressing Your Uniqueness
The great thing about being older is that we no longer want to dress as a pack. We don't mind being unique, as long as we also look fabulous at the same time. But we are all different, and so it's no good looking to our friends for inspiration. We need to know the 'rules'.

One size does not fit all
Why your friend might look good but you don't!
Style guidelines


You can spend a fortune on clothes but still look awful. Just like a house, which would collapse without the foundations being laid correctly, our overall image needs the bottom layers to be perfectly fitted.

Underwear and sizing
Great fit
The foundations to looking fantastic