As the parent to two gorgeous teenage girls who turn heads, I went to see Sue feeling mumsy and invisible. After years of trial and error I was generally dressing to suit my shape but tended to pick the same things over and over again. Although my clothes were expensive I felt that I definitely lacked the wow factor. Sue immediately made me feel good by telling me I was really pretty as I walked in her front door. I haven't heard that for quite a while and she even said - a little later - that had a nice bottom and I haven't heard that for over 20 years! Sue has made me realize that even in 'middle age' I can look attractive and sexy. My confidence has definitely increased and as soon as I got home I followed her specific advice and went and bought a stretchy pencil skirt that I have barely taken off since. It looks fab.

Jenny - Solicitor

At RSVP Introductions we find Sue's style guidance invaluable. Her relaxed yet unfailingly upbeat style has helped many of our clients over 45 gain their confidence when they find themselves back on the dating scene after a long relationship. One said to me just the other day, after a date arranged through us "And I looked pretty hot I must say - thanks to Sue".

Anne - Director RSVP Introductions

I no longer buy black and my wardrobe looks a whole lot better for it! I have just replaced my glasses and after wearing them for 30 years this was the first time I made my choice with confidence - and enjoyed doing so too. I no longer consider what size I should buy, but pick the one that looks best. It is very liberating when you know what suits you - no longer worry about whether things are in fashion, just whether they look good.

Clare - Head of HR

I first got in touch with Sue when approaching my 50th birthday. I had lost all confidence in my appearance and actually dreaded clothes shopping because I felt nothing ever looked good. Sue turned this negative attitude around in one session! Since then I have also attended her Heading South course which was really informative and so much fun. I have also recommended Sue to several friends and their feedback to me is always about the impact Sue's advice and positivity has had on their confidence and attitude to their appearance as this important time of our lives. Equally important is her none threatening approach -its like going shopping with a really knowledgeable good friend who genuinely wants you to look your best.

Steph - Manager

Approaching my forties and feeling frumpy, old-fashioned and having a poor body image was not a good role model for my daughters. If I felt like this at 40 and did nothing about it, how would I feel at 50? I booked a long overdue consultation with Sue. Her friendly and down to earth advice gave me the confidence to try new styles and colours which I previously would not have considered wearing. I have never had so few clothes and yet so much to wear! My meeting Sue was one of the best things I have ever done and has changed my life. Having gained new found confidence in this area has given me confidence in other areas of my life too - she is a wonderful teacher and I will never forget what she did for me.

Sarah - Mum and Company Director's Wife

If you are wondering whether to ask Sue to go through your wardrobe and discuss your style, please do not wait a moment longer. First you find our what not to wear and although this term had been popular for some time it is only now that I fully realize how important it is. It saves you looking round three quarters of each store and allows you to concentrate on what to wear. You are then very focused and clear about what to wear. The 'templates' and tips Sue sends you remind you of the styles that suit and instead of standing in stores looking aimlessly and helplessly round, you can hone directly in on what you need. Sue encouraged me to try different stores and taught me that I needn't always spend money. In fact one of the unexpected things to happen after the session is that I have only spent a small amount of money but have a lot of outfits. In terms of revelations, I can wear a belt and I have short legs! How did I spend 48 years not knowing this? I would recommend this session to every woman who wants the confidence to leave the house knowing she looks the best she can and who wants to take the fear and anxiety out of choosing clothes.